博視盒子 BOSStv TV Box 安裝及設置指南 QUICK SETUP GUIDE

How To Set Up BOSStv TV Box 如何安裝及設置博視盒子?


The BOSStv TV box is simple to set up, allowing you to start streaming from your favorite service in minutes. We recommend performing the steps in the order listed below. Please read each step below for specific instructions on your device.

博視盒子設置簡單,讓您可以在幾分鐘內開始流式傳輸,觀賞您最喜愛的影視作品。 我們建議按照下面列出的順序執行這些步驟。 請閱讀以下每個步驟,了解您設備上的具體設置。

BossTV TV box wired network connection 有線網絡連接:

1.Make sure your modem is connected to the Internet through the DSL port.

1.確保您的調製解調器通過 DSL 端口連接到互聯網。

If you have a DSL internet connection, please plug the phone cord into the DSL port. If you have a cable, please plug the coaxial cable into the "RF In" or "Cable In" jack.

如果您有 DSL 互聯網連接,請將電話線插入 DSL 端口。 如果您有電線,請將同軸電線插入“RF In”或“Cable In”插孔。

2.Connect the LAN port of your modem to the DSL port of your router via Ethernet cable.

2.通過以太網線將調製解調器的 LAN 端口連接到路由器的 DSL 端口。

3.Connect your Boss TV with the LAN port of the router.

  1. 將您的博視盒子與路由器的 LAN 端口連接。

Please confirm the connection procedure as shown in the figure below, then you can successfully connect to the network.


BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-1-port




BossTV TV box WI-FI wireless network connection 無線網絡連接:


Please follow the steps below to connect.


1.A “Screen Setting” interface will be demonstrated on the screen. You can adjust the edges of the screen so that the interface of BOSStv can fit your monitor and give the most suitable display.

1.屏幕上將顯示“屏幕設置”界面。 您可以調整屏幕邊緣,使 BOSStv 的界面適合您的顯示器並提供最合適的顯示。


BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-2-screen-setting

Screen Setting interface  屏幕設置界面


If the “Screen Setting” interface is not demonstrated, you can skip step 1 and move to step 2 to set up your BOSStv. 

如果沒有顯示“屏幕設置”界面,您可以跳過步驟 1 並轉到步驟 2 設置您的 BOSStv。

2.Go to Settings->Wi-Fi->Turn on wireless network->Select the name of the network you want to connect to, press OK to confirm and enter the password key.



BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-3-wifi-setting-connection

Network setting interface 網絡設置界面


BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-4-wifi-setting-connection-name

Wi-Fi interface 無線網絡設置界面

BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-5-wifi-setting-connection-waiting

Wi-Fi connection processing Wi-Fi 連接處理中


BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-6-wifi-setting-connection-success

Wi-Fi connected successfully Wi-Fi 連接成功

Finish setup 完成設置


After setting your BOSStv, you can see the picture below.



BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-7-connection-success

Finish setting of BOSStv 完成博視盒子的設置


BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-8-interface

BOSStv interface 博視盒子界面




Using BOSStv to project images or video from mobile phones/tablets/notebooks to TV 將手機/平板/筆記本中的圖像或視頻投影到電視上


Connect your mobile phone and BOSStv to the same Wi-Fi network. If you are using a dual-band router, it is recommended to connect to 5G bandwidth.

將您的手機和 BOSStv 連接到同一個 Wi-Fi 網絡。 如果使用雙頻路由器,建議連接5G帶寬。

BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-9-wifi-display
BOSStv -tv-box-v3x-v3pro-v3-pro-quick-start-guide-set-up-guideline-10-airplay

Android system 安卓系統:

Open the Wi-Fi Display on BOSStv (found in "more apps"), connect your Android smartphone/tablet to BOSStv through this app, and mirror the screen to the big screen.

開啟博視盒子上的 Wi-Fi Display(在“更多應用”中找到),通過此應用將您的 Android 智能手機/平板電腦連接到博視盒子,並將屏幕鏡像到大屏幕。

iOS system iOS系統:

Open the lebo HappyCast on BOSS TV, and at the same time open AirPlay on the Apple phone (swipe up from the lowest end of the phone screen), select the device to be projected, and turn on the mirroring switch.


Then wait for the phone screen to appear on the TV, indicating that the screen projection has been successful.





Shut down properly 正確關機


BOSS TV does not have a physical power switch. Therefore, if the BOSS TV is not in use, it is recommended to unplug the power cord or cut off the power to stop the BOSSTV from continuing the standby operation to reduce power consumption and accumulate unnecessary buffers.

博視盒子沒有物理電源開關。 因此,在不使用博視盒子的情況下,建議你可以拔掉電源線或切斷電源,讓博視盒子停止繼續待機操作,以減少功耗並積累不必要的緩存。

Long press the red on/off key on the remote control: reboot


Short press the red on/off key on the remote control: standby mode


Exit the app correctly 正確退出應用程序


Since most users often operate BOSStv in standby mode, it is recommended to press the return button to completely exit and terminate the application operation. If you frequently press the HOME button to return to the main screen and power off for a long period of time, unnecessary applications are added to run, which slows down and affects the progress of BOSSTV operation, and the screen has more chances to continuously display [Loading...]

由於大多數用戶經常在待機模式下操作博視盒子,因此建議您可以按返回鍵完全退出並終止應用程序操作。 如果長時間頻繁按HOME鍵返回主屏幕來關機,會增加不必要的應用程序運行,減慢並影響博視盒子操作進度,屏幕有更多機會持續顯示 [加載中...]

You can press the return key to completely exit and end the operation of the application.


Please don't press the HOME key to return to the main screen. It is only convenient to exit, but it does not completely exit and terminate the application. The program continues to run, which slows down and affects the progress of BOSStv operation.

請不要按 HOME 鍵返回主屏幕,因為按 HOME 鍵只是方便退出,但它並沒有完全退出和終止應用程序。 程序在背景繼續運行,影響博視盒子運行進度。

Note 注意

If you are having problems with BossTV, please try these steps on your device.


- Close the BossTV application completely: first completely exit BossTV (and all other programs or applications running in your background), and then try to open BossTV again.

- 完全關閉 BossTV 應用程序:首先完全退出 BossTV(以及在您後台運行的所有其他程序或應用程序),然後再次嘗試打開 BossTV。

- Perform a power cycle: Turn off your BOSStv TV Box (if applicable, modem and router). Wait a few minutes, and then restart.

- 執行電源循環:關閉您的 BOSStv 電視盒(如果適用,一並關閉調製解調器和路由器)。等待幾分鐘,然後重新啟動。

- Check your connection: Run a speed test on your BOSStv TV Box and compare your connection results with the recommended speed result.

- 檢查您的連接:在您的博視盒子上運行速度測試並將您的連接結果與推薦的速度結果進行比較。

- Improve your connection: If the speed is lower than the recommended speed result, you can take some steps to help improve your connection.

- 改善您的連接:如果速度低於推薦的速度結果,您可以採取一些措施來幫助改善您的連接。

- Test other programs or apps on your BOSStv TV Box: If you find similar problems, it may be due to a bad connection. For more information on how to improve your connection, please contact your internet service provider.

- 在您的博視盒子上測試其他程序或應用程序:如果您發現類似問題,可能是由於連接不良。有關如何改善連接的更多信息,請聯繫您的互聯網服務提供商。

- Check for app and system updates: To check for BossTV updates, please visit the app store of your device. To check for system updates, please visit the settings menu of your device.

- 檢查應用和系統更新:要檢查博視盒子更新,請訪問您設備的應用商店。要檢查系統更新,請訪問您設備的設置菜單。

- Clear cache and data: You can usually clear cache/data through the settings menu of your device. This step deletes temporary files to help free up the required space.

- 清除緩存和數據:您通常可以通過設備的設置菜單清除緩存/數據。此步驟刪除臨時文件以幫助釋放所需空間。

- Uninstall/reinstall BossTV: On certain devices, you can uninstall and reinstall the BossTV application to help improve any streaming issues.

- 卸載/重新安裝博視盒子:在某些設備上,您可以卸載並重新安裝 BossTV 應用程序以幫助改善任何流媒體問題。


You are now ready to enjoy BOSStv TV Box.