5 Things to Prepare Before Moving to Another Country

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5 Important Things to Prepare Before Moving to Another Country


Immigration is a worldwide hot topic. Whatever the reason you decide to immigrate, and wherever you plan to live, Immigration has never been a simple matter. It is not a short journey that you can simply take your bag and go. Only a hundred percent of preparation can ensure no-worries leaving. While Settling in a new home requires lots of planning, here is an immigration checklist for you.


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5 Things you shouldn’t miss before leaving



Research on the country you are going to live 對移民國家做好預習 


1)Plan for Your Occupation 工作計劃 :

We all want gains without pains, but the cruel reality is, most people need to work hard to feed themselves. Do you know if your profession or the professional license you have is recognizable in the new country? Generally speaking, moving to a new place means having a fresh start in the workplace. Are you willing to switch professions and restart everything from the bottom? Before leaving, you might as well contact a job agency to find a job.



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2)Make Sure You Know the New Tax System 確保你已知道新稅制: 

Each country also has different tax rules. If you plan to learn the rules until you immigrate, you may overestimate yourself. How can you prepare for your living without understanding the system first? Some countries have simple tax systems, but not all the countries are the same. Take Britain, the famous place for immigration, as an example. UK has a high-tax system. The capital gains tax and inheritance tax are not applicable to be incorporated into individual income tax. The highest capital gains tax in the UK is 28%, the highest inheritance tax is 40%, and the personal tax (additional rate) is up to 45%.



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3)Apply for the Right Visa 申請適合你的Visa :

Like the tax system we mentioned earlier, each country also has its own Visa rules. Depending on your present citizenship, each country has its Visa system, with various laws and paths. You may be eligible for two or three visas in some places, while one may limit the number of hours you can work there. You may consider whether the Visa is helpful for you to get permanent residency. You should do a thorough study before applying for Visa. Ask yourself the following questions:

What are the costs of the application?

How long will the visa be valid? 

Are there any restrictions?

Does it help to get permanent residency?







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Bring all the necessaries 帶齊所有必需品 

4) Ship your Belongings 運送你的家當 

Before you leave, you must plan for the shipping, figure out the controlled and prohibited items and find an international moving company to help you transport all of the belongings. You need to pay attention to the restricted items of your new destination, such as medicines. It is crucial to declare controlled and prohibited items and get a health certificate, written permission, and valid license in advance, otherwise, you may face a fine penalty.


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5)What is Life Without Entertainment, Bring Your TV Box 生活離不開娛樂,帶上你的電視盒子 :

Have you ever thought about what to do if you feel homesick after leaving your hometown? Don’t want to spend lots of time searching for TV shows? Is it possible to stay close with friends after immigrating? Can you and your friends have any common topic after you leave? The TV box can solve all the above problems for you! TV box is your greatest TV buddy for having relaxing holidays with a taste of your hometown. You can enjoy worldwide (not only from your hometown country) movies and variety shows; watch live shows any time. You can also download countless apps and bring your games to the big screen. Worry about missing your favorite shows due to work or school activities? Don’t worry! You can playback the show 24/7.


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You might think: With so many benefits, TV Box must be super expensive. There are different TV apps nowadays; why don’t I just pay for these apps every month. You might lose lots of money if you think so! You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for TV boxes, and there are no additional charges! Pay once only and enjoy all the benefits forever!



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